Friday, February 19, 2016

Instroducing Apostle Rosalyn Amos

Known as the "Mama" of downtown St. Petersburg to the needy and homeless, Apostle Rosalyn Amos has been ministering to the downtown area for years.  She is a creative speaker and anointed with God's love and power.  You will enjoy her YOUTUBE channel and she will be on WATV Radio and our New Roku Channel.  She has been waiting for years to broadcast world wide, but never thought she could afford it.  It is because of WATV's format that allows ministries like Apostle Amos to fulfill their dreams.  Please check out her channel on our WATV Roku network.  If you have not added our channel to your list on Roku or Amazon "firestick" or Google "chromecast", please do so.  We have been picking up thousands of listeners on this exciting new full HD Television broadcast venue.
You can check out Apostle Rosalyn's blog also at:  Amos Chapel. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

WATV launches new ROKU, Amazon & Google TV channels!

Broadcast  Television is moving more and more away from standard broadcasting to VOD (video on demand). We may well see in the near future, cable companies deminishing and VOD companies taking a lion share of the market.  Companies like Roku, Amazon "Fire Stick" and Google "Chromecast" understand this trend.  People want to be in charge of their viewing experience, not a victim of 1/3 of the program being advertizing and interruptions. WATV has caught this wave!  We were able to purchase through Roku 50 channels that can be placed in the WATV network.  With over 1,000 applications now waiting for Roku channels, we have been placed in an enviable position.  We have already launched a number of channels under our own ministry.  These will be replaced with other broadcasters who want to be under WATV network.  What are the benefits?  

1.  The synergy of multiple broadcasters on one network will bring many more visitors to the network than if you have just your own channel.
2.  The savings financially by joining together will be significant.  
3.  The management of our WATV network staff and experience can help you launch your channel in our network with expertise and high quality videos.  
4.  You can shoot your initial 10 videos at our studio and we will help you set up your own studio in your church or ministry or business for further broadcasts.

This is your time, your place and your opportunity to be on full broadcast television for a price that you won't believe.  Imagine being in over 30 million homes with over 100 million viewers that can access our WATV network. 

If you are interested, please contact me right away to launch you own channel.  Call me at 813 598-6130 or email me at:  


Thursday, April 30, 2015



Our long awaited ROKU channel is now on full HD Televison!  About an hour ago the channel came on!  If you have not yet purchased a Roku player, I strongly suggest you do so.  It is the most popular Video On Demand Television service available today. Claiming 30 million homes are now connected and around 100 million acclaimed viewers.  You can even remove your cable and save almost $1000.00 a year with the Roku service.  Only a one time purchase of under $100.00 for the most advanced Roku receiver(player #4) that plugs directly into your television.  Roku runs off of your Wi-Fi in your home, which essentially is the same module that your cable runs from. To get good quality, however, you do need a reasonably good Wi-Fi speed and service. With a wide variety of channels to choose from (over 1,200) you can get news, discovery, and a wide variety of gospel and faith-based channels, one of which is our "WATV" channel.  To download our channel, just place your Roku on "Streaming Channels".   Our channel buttons look like these below.
  After opening streaming channels you can go to NEW and "add this channel" to your list of selected viewing.  From then on "WATV" will come on your home page and you can move it to the very top of your HOME apps for immediate access.  We will be adding up to 60 broadcasters under the "WATV" network. If you or someone you know is interested in broadcasting on full broadcast High Definition TV, please contact us to apply for a top position channel. Call 813 598-6130  or Email:  WATV is also on Amazon "Fire Stick" and Google "Chromecast".  Any one of the receivers will work, even though we highly recommend Roku.  Roku now has over 1,000 applications for new channels and most broadcasters will have to wait up to a year to be published and pay a premium fee.  God amazingly placed us at the front of the line through a service called "lightcast".  God gave us favor and blessed us with a great team to create our software and artwork to get up within a few weeks. WATV is now positioned to be a front runner on Roku, Amazon and Google broadcast television

Monday, April 20, 2015

Kingdom Keys & Empowerment Broadcast Launch

Today is the launch of a new broadcast program "Kingdom Keys & Empowerment" on WATV network. They will be live on Watv at 12:00 noon Monday through Friday. Charles and Deborah Hecker's ministry is called Kingdom Global Apostolic Center.  They are located in Tampa, Florida and they host training-equipping schools, conferences, Apostolic Life Institutes, Kingdom Advancement Networks, Bible Bookcamps, Prophetic Signs & Wonders meetings, and W.A.R. gatherings (Warrior Apostolic Revolution) for prayer, national and international level intercession, called prayer strikes. 

Together Charles and Deborah share a global vision and strong passion to see the Body of Christ, along with 5-fold leadership, equipped, trained and activated for the purpose of Kingdom Advancement.  Fulfilling the mandate of raising up an army of Kingdom Demonstrators mantles.  You can reach contact them at:   

Remember to download the "Apps" at both google Play Store or Apple app center.  Simply type "WATV" and install the app and listen on your cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices.  You can listen on your computers at: 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Jesus Loves You & God Has a Plan for Your Life

Who received the greatest revelation of Jesus Christ?  Three times Jesus had to ask Peter, "Do you love me?"  Peter was always trying to prove his love by what he did for Jesus.  John simply drew close to Jesus and said, "I am the disciple whom Jesus loved."  Your ability to RECEIVE Christ's love is also your ability to receive a greater revelation of Christ.  John wrote the book of Revelation!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I have just returned from the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.  I was impressed by the rise of internet broadcasting.  I knew years ago that this was the trend and  and  have both caught the wave!  We have positioned ourselves with three years of broadcasting already and establishing our place on google SEO (search engine optimization).  The CEO or Cisco recently spoke at the World Economic Summit and announced the trend in smart phones.  He said, "We currently have approximately 1 billion smart phones in the world.  In about 2 years we will have approximately 5 billion".  I was astounded by this announcement and realized that our radio and television networks would be only "ONE CLICK" away from reaching a potential audience of 5 billion people through our "APPS".  We have, as of the end of next week, purchased "APPS" for WATV and KBBN for androids, i-phones and window phones. You can download the apps at the google play store, windows mobile location and the apple store. What excites us also is our position at Kingdom Life University in our new School of Media & Communications.  We are establishing a state of the art 4-k (many times more powerful than High Definition) study both for shooting video and also editing with top of the line editing tools like... Avid, Smoke & Fire and top level Hewlett Packard computers. Avid is used for most Hollywood movies and smoke and fire software for animation movies like Pixar productions.  As Kingdom minded individuals was need to have both a spirit of excellence and take dominion over the mountain of media.

                                                 Teaching through the New Testament 
                                                   every 4 days... chapter by chapter!!
                                                                    CLICK HERE

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Real Orange Broadcast with Ann Peterson. Real gospel, real world

  "Real Orange" - Founder Ann Elizabeth Peterson has been taken into both Heaven and into Hell in the year 2001 – She has a single minded mission to inform the world of the Truth – Desiring reality in all of its fullness in every human mind and heart – wanting no one to perish in the eternal flames!  A program of Creative Evangelism!  Go to Ann's website:   You can hear Ann each night of the week at:  7:30 - 8:00 pm